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Armor of Protection

Safety and Protection for All

The Armor of Protection is designed to help deter criminals and to protect you from violence and crime. Robberies, sexual assaults, and child abductions are all preventable with proper precautions and proximity awareness.

The Armor of Protection is designed to:

  • Protect with slash resistant material
  • Illuminate your path
  • Deter the criminal
  • Warn the public

The Armor of Protection is a slash resistant vest with white LED lights that illuminates your pathway at night and incorporates a 120-decibel warning siren and high lumen green LED warning lights in the shoulder blades. 


How It Works


Knife, stab, slash resistant 


White LED lights illuminate your path


Deter the criminal with Armor of Protection

Warn the Public

120 DC siren & high lumen LED


Women age 18-24 who are college students are 3 times more likely than women in general to experience sexual violence (RAINN 2020). The Armor of Protection is designed to help protect women wherever they choose to go or live.

College Students

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your daughter is protected on and off campus with the Armor of Protection. 


Get out, exercise, and have the means to protect yourself when you are running, walking, or exploring your local community.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Arm yourself with protection before you go and explore off the grid where the cell phone range is limited. 


Safeguard yourself when you travel, enjoy the night life, experience downtown, close up the shop late, or wait for a ride home. 



Feel secure knowing that the material is knife-resistant, slash-resistant, and stab-resistant. The simple appearance of protection reduces the chances of being perceived as an easy target. 


The white LED lights infused on the front of the Armor of Protection light your pathway at night. No more venturing down a dark alley, street, or walkway. If trouble arises, activate the green flashing warning lights to draw attention.

Real-Time Notification

Simply pull the cord in the front pocket to activate the 120-decibel siren and high lumen green LED lights to notify the public in real-time that a crime is occurring and where assistance is needed.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Help us save lives while protecting yourself and/or loved ones with the Armor of Protection.